Gheys expands storage and transport capacity

Transport Gheys is investing heavily in the expansion of both the storage capacity of the terminal in Mol and the capacity of transport by road and water.

Four years ago, Group Gheys brought into use the terminal situated along the Dessel-Kwaadmechelen canal as well as a new warehouse of 10,000 m². In recent years the storage area has already been expanded to 15,000 m² and currently another unit of 5,000 m² is being added. The transport capacity of the daily inland shipping shuttle between Mol and the port of Antwerp also has been adjusted to meet the growing demand. Whereas initially two 32 TEU ships were used, now two barges, each with a capacity of 60 TEU, are used.

When Gheys started the inland shipping shuttle in 2007, the target was 10,000 TEU annually. Today, however, every month between 1,850 and 2,000 TEU of cargo is carried, totalling about 20,000 TEU annually, says Ruben Swerts, commercial manager. It is mostly imports and exports for companies from the regions, including the Lommel Kristalpark and North Limburg. For example, granules in containers with in-line bags arrive aboard inland navigation vessels. The site also features a silo park as well as machines for bagging, repackaging and pelletizing the granules.

The road transport capacity, too, has been expanded. For example, Gheys has invested in some twenty new ‘special’ chassis. They include vertical chassis and rotary valve chassis. In addition, Gheys Transport has expanded its customs services and has started the procedure for AEO recognition.