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Bulk transport

Every year, the Gheys fleet transports over one million tonnes of bulk goods through Europe, with the Benelux, Germany and France as its key destinations.

The standard bulk trailers can transport a volume of 60 m³ and have a low tare weight. The resulting payload optimisation makes them ideal for the transport of granulated materials and powder. The pneumatic unloading system runs on an oil and dust-free compressor. To keep noise to a minimum and manage temperatures, the compressors have been encased in a soundproofed container and equipped with an air cooling system. 

The hopper discharge trailers are a good solution for when bulk trailers can’t be tilted because they allow unloading from the bottom. 

The 90 m³ Mega silo trailers are well-suited for transport of lightweight powders and are only used on fixed routes.

  • Bulk transport
  • Bulk transport